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Greetings from the Executive Director

Masataka Nakazawa

I assumed office as Director of Research Organization of Electrical Communication (ROEC), Tohoku University, since 1st October, 2015. For making the best use of what we have learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake, ROEC was established four years ago to attain the goal of realizing a disaster-resilient communication network. With the bold and tireless leadership of Prof. Masataka Nakazawa, the founding Director of ROEC, the other officers, staffs, and students of Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Information Engineering worked hand in hand. With the strong support from the Government and industries, during a very short period, we have successfully made the critical first step. Four years ago when launching ROEC, we envisioned a grand design that during the first phase of five years, we would conduct R&D based on the effective integration of existing ICT technologies and make implementation in the real world. Then, as we move into the second phase comprising another five-year period, we will further carry out the advanced R&D and put the developed systems into practical use. As the old proverb goes, "Disaster strikes when you least expect it", we will bear this in mind and try our level best to create a world class R&D hub as well as a relevant interdisciplinary area – "resilience engineering". Your continuous and strong support would be very much appreciated.

Nei Kato


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Old News

We exchanged opinions on Resilient ICT with Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany.
We exchanged opinions with Vice Minister of Science and Technology of Taiwan (MOST) on disaster tolerant ICT research in the 5 th generation mobile communication era.
The research group of Prof. S. Izumi has presented the research activity in workshop of MOST & JST-ICT for accessibility and support of older people in Taiwan.
ROEC NEWS Volume05(88.3MB)
Prof. N. Kato and Prof. M. Kawamata was appointed to the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director, respectively.
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